Monday, 20 July 2009

Another great apple iphone app

Excuse the french but this is a good take on social media

Thursday, 9 July 2009

The order of importance with SEO

Hi all
Please see the two pie charts below. This is what SEOmoz thinks the order of importance is when it comes to SEO.
As you probably know, there are a lot of soft edges when it comes to SEO and each engine has it's own rules but have a look below for one point of view.

Great song


Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The nuts and bolts

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday-SEO Site Reviews Step-by-Step from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

Where it all started

Hi Everyone

As my first Blog post, I feel it’s worth writing a little about why I’m here…. I’ve always been fascinated by the role of marketing in the business world and how it has the power to change the way consumers behave. I remember when I first decided that I wanted to be in marketing, it was in my 1st year marketing class at Stellenbosch University when our lecturer told us that the sales of Horliks went up 600% when they advertised that it makes you sleep better. A simple thing which gave consumers more reason to use the product made 600% difference in sales.

It is the impact of marketing which has always been the most exciting for me – Effective marketing activities which can lead to landslide victories keep me up at night and I am always thrilled to engage with briefs with objectives which can be measured.

It is this measurability which has always attracted me to the online space. I can’t say it has quite the flash of big brand advertising but what could be more rewarding for a marketer than putting a campaign together and being able to measure real time exactly how effective your communication is. David Ogilvy is famous for saying “50% of all advertising works, I wish I knew which 50%” With eMarketing you know exactly which 50% is working and the exciting part is that you can just ditch the 50% which doesn’t work and plough your funds into the effective part. Also, arm yourself with some solid results and your Finance Director will approve more budget every day. This is why I believe there has been such rapid growth in online spend and this trend will only gather momentum as bandwidth increases and we spend even more of our time online.

So… that’s the summary of why I’m here and how exciting the first few days have been. I’ve learnt about all sorts of useful marketing tools like Google insights and and some which are just super cool to use outside of work like Spotify the live streaming music system which has exposed me to a whole host of music which I couldn’t have discovered another way. I know there is a lot of hard work ahead but it’s going to be along a path of discovery and I suppose that’s the best part. So in closing, here’s to the future of marketing and I can’t wait to find out what the next month holds in store.

Bye for now